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We Want Your Stuff!

Are you an avid vintage enthusiast looking to downsize your collections? Do you have an eye for the eclectic when sifting through garage sales? Get paid to thrift with our consignment program! At Annie Laurie's, our entire inventory relies on avid pickers like you bringing in treasures from around the area and beyond. Whether you love to dig for vintage fashion pieces or have an eye for boho gems, we want your talent! (AND your stuff!!) 

our consignment process

step 1

step 2

Snap pics of your stuff!

Check out our mood board!

We've put together a handpicked mood board of vintage furniture, clothing, and unique items that we'd love to showcase in our store. If you have any questions about things we generally do or don't accept, we also have a yes/no list provided for your reference.  If your taste aligns with ours, fantastic! Move to step two!

Our incredible consignment manager, Leslie, personally approves every single item that enters our store! In order to make this process run smoother, we kindly request that all consigners take photos of their items and send them to Leslie via email or text for approval. This way, we can save time for both you and us by avoiding in-person approvals!

step 3

step 4

Make a drop-off appointment!

Price your stuff!

Once your items have been approved, it's time for the exciting part - pricing! We'll provide you with tags to mark your items with your unique consigner code that we'll give you. Then, you can set the prices for your items as you wish. If you tag and price all of your items, you'll get to keep 60% of your sales. However, if you'd like us to handle the research, tagging, and pricing for you, you'll keep 50% of your sales. Please note that we have the right to adjust prices if we believe you could earn more or if we don't think the item would sell at the listed price.

Shoot Leslie a text to set up a time to drop off all of your goodies. Scheduling an appointment helps us be able to set aside time to dedicate to you, our amazing consigners! You are welcome to pull up in our back parking lot and bring your treasures in through the back door. If you need help unloading, just give us a holler!

step 5

Collect your earnings!

Sales get paid out to consigners during the first week of every month for the past month's sales. For example, you would get paid anytime between May 1st-7th for the month of April's sales. We have gone paperless moving forward, so if you would like your monthly sales statement emailed to you, feel free to let us know and we'll get you on our consigner statement email list!

Scroll to view and fill out our consignment contract 


consignment contracts

At Annie Laurie's, we offer two different consignment agreements depending on what works for you! If you feel comfortable pricing and processing your own items, check out the 40% contract. Through this contract, you will receive 60% of your total monthly sales, and we will keep 40% as commission. If you would feel more comfortable having us price and process your items, click on the 50% contract button. With this contract, you will receive 50% of your monthly sales, and we will keep 50% as commission. Please read over these contracts carefully to make sure we're a good fit! We are currently searching for consigners wanting to bring in items on a recurring basis. If you just have a couple items to sell, feel free to still reach out to Leslie with photos of your items, but we will probably recommend an outright buy instead of consignment for situations like this.

If our consignment program is something you would like to move forward with, please submit your contact information as well as a short explanation of what you'd like to consign in the form below, and Leslie will reach out to you with confirmation. 

*Please note that submitting information does not automatically enroll you in our consignment program, and we will need you to sign a physical contract in person as well as bringing your banking info. 

As always, please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

interested? contact us!

*Please note that submitting information does not automatically enroll you in our consignment program. We will be in contact with you soon!

Thanks for submitting, we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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